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Altris is a large planet which 82% of the surface is covered in salt-water oceans. The world enjoys a wide variety of climates; from hot deserts that can reach deadly temperatures passing 140 degrees during the day to landmasses that have never seen temperatures over -30 degrees. The terrain spans from sea level to the peak of Mount Fradnair at 71,830 feet. While the lowest point surprisingly is not in the oceans, but a canyon. This canyon nearly 135 miles in length and from two and a half to 6 miles in width plunges to a depth of 31,210 feet below sea level and the bottom only sees the light of day for one hour each year when the sun passes directly over the canyon. Why the canyon has never fill with water is one of the many mysteries of this world.

Some races, creatures and concepts will look familiar while others will only have the outward appearance. The world consists of three primary continents, the first (Alaster) is a harsh volcanic place. The second continent, (Guthen) is the largest and stretches from the temperate climates to the northern pole. The third continent, (Korramuth) has a desert and mostly barren high plateau in the interior with lush rainforests along the lowland coastlines.

Altris has some indigenous races, some have striking appearances to standard races such as humans, halflings and dwarves, while others are unique in their make-up. This world to the ancient spacefaring races was known as “The Dragon World” and for good reason. The dragons here are twice as strong as those in the “Forgotten Realms” and in higher numbers. It is quite common to see a dragon flying in the distant sky, most stay clear of human and demi-human settlements, while others will simply take the form of a human to pass through these areas, to satisfy their curiosity, issue warnings or on occasion, hire mercenaries.

Atlas of Altris

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World Stats

Circumference: 32,000 miles
Est Population: 826 million
Highest Point: 71,830 feet
Lowest Point: 31,210 feet
Primary Races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half-Orc

The Landmasses


The lands of the Alaster are extremely non-hospitable. The land mass spans 4,694 miles west to east and 3,017 miles north to south. There are 475 active volcanos spread across the continent, ranging in height from the tallest at approx. 4,500 feet to the lowest of 100 feet. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are common place. Because of these conditions, the Alaster have not fully developed many technologies, such as metal working. Instead, the main raw materials used are flint, obsidian, stone, and bone. Very little of the lands have trees or basic animal life due to the hot and toxic conditions.

The enviroment itself is not the only dangers on Alaster, all manner of beast of fire roam freely over much of the landscape, this includes elementals, para-elementals, quasi-elementals and some inner planes demon-like creatures. Additionally several dragon species live in the mountains and toxic gas filled valleys.



Guthen is the highest populated continent, with several kingdoms, empires and city states. However, only the eastern side of the continent is known and traveled, the lands passed the mountain range is vastly unexplored by modern explorers. Magical means of transportation always fails, normal and magical flying vessels lose their ability to remain airborne while clearing the ridge and ocean sailing vessels are not able to sail to the coast because of the high winds always blowing from the shore. Nearly all land expeditions to this area have met with disastrous results. On the eastern side of the mountains is a vast area. From the mountains, the divide the landmass to the Eastern Ocean is about 7,100 miles of forests and grass planes and from the Ice Planes to the Southern Sea is about 6,900 miles. The western side is about 4,000 by 8000 miles.

Mostly humans control this land, however there are other races that maintain control of their own ancient lands. An elven empire called Eluelian occupies from the Dividing mountains to the edge of the Unuche Empire, making it the largest empire land wise. Dwarves colonized the Dividing Mountain range itself and have several strongholds inside the mountains, but only a single stronghold called Rochmoc on the surface. Lizardmen still hold the reminance of their once powerful kingdom, though it is a loose society now, and few of the off shots even listen or acknowledge the emporer. Other groups either maintain their ancient grounds inside the elven and dwarven lands or still hold their own apart from the other races. These include the a race of Fey, giant-kin, dragon-kind and orcs.

The Lost Continents

Notable Kindoms and Empires

Unuche Empire

The oldest of the human empires and in its peak, covered from the northern ice caps to the southern coast and east to the Elven kingdoms. Today however, the empire only occupies the northern half as the southern portian broke away forming its own empire. The princible cities in the Unuche are Calsibrin along the coast and is the princible trade port and Paun which is the captial city and the residance of the Emperor

4 Kingdoms

Years ago the Unche Empire was ruled by a brother and sister. After a heated arguement, the brother walked out of the north taking the southern part of the empire with him. The Southern Unuche remained stable and properous for many generations. A few times the Northern Unuche would attempt to reunite the empire, by diplomacy, marrage or by force, but the South remained firm and strong. The last Southern emperor, had 5 sons, the eldest was to inheret the throne, the other four brothers made a pact and took control of the empire after the death of their father. The elder brother fled to the north where he married the then emperess of the Northern empire. The elder brother brought the forces of the north and a violent war begain that lasted until the elder brother was killed in battle some 25 years later. The southern empire broke into four separte kingdoms, each bother controlling one with a pact to allways support each other. Each kindom was named after their respected kings. They are; Cicolis, Quanf, Talmin, and Wallerd. The pact has been honored to presant day.

Empire of Qua

Lazshorma Empire

Eluelian:Elven State.

Rochmoc:Dwrven State.

City States

Cape Hunyn

Cape Hunyn as originally established as a military colony by the Uniche Empire to intercept any hostile forces that may threaten the eastern coastline. During the divide of the empire and the civil war that followed, the cape was forgotten about and left to self-govern. The port became a heaven for pirates, attacking trade ships bound to the eastern port cities. Over the centuries, order was brought to the city and the city has prospered and settled into a major trade port. The city merchants move trade goods from the south to all coastal cities on the continent. Piracy is still an ongoing issue in the area and city lawmakers have issued harsh punishments for any ship caught attacking merchant ships in the area, especially their own. It has been rumored that the cities merchants sway the opinion of the governor, however the current governor, the Lady Rallia Zibione is quickly proving those rumors incorrect.


A major port city located a few miles up the Wide River along the mid-southern coastline of Guthen. The city is ancient by most standards, the oldest structures and sewers predate the Unuche Empire. The land the current incarnation of the city is built on has seen several owners over the centuries. This includes elves, the original builders, Lizardmen, orcs, dwarves, elves again, dwarves again and finally humans. The changes in the cultures and races can be seen in the cities architecture, instead of destroying and rebuilding the city, most the new residence simply added their architecture to what was existing.

The city is divided into districts, each district has basically its own elected mayor who answers to the city council (a group of people who are appointed by the mayors and guild leaders). Only in a few of the districts is social class an issue, the two primary places are the Cytoa District (the wealthy as hell) and the Riverside District (the dirty poor) or also known as the “mudflats”. Walking into either one of these districts will give a newcomer the impression he/she walked into a completely different city.

A river divides the city into its two halves, the primary districts are on the western side and the lesser districts (the mudflats, lower eastern docks and northern river) are on the eastern side. The eastern side of the city is less patrolled, less fortified and less defended, while the western section has more than it needs. The bridges across the river can raise and lower, but only from the western side.

Beneath the city is an ancient dwarven clan. The gates to the clan are only open during certain times of the year for trading, special events and when the dwarves wish it.


New Brackton

Point Just


Alaster City State. Home of the Alaster Halflings


Alaster City State. Home of the Alaster Half-Orcs


The dwarves of the Renoth Clan reside in a stronghold in the volcanic mountains of Alaster. These dwarves are not true dwarves, as they bare little in coming to common dwarves other than appearance and choice of living location. The latter however is not really by choice; underground is the safest and least toxic place to live. The stronghold of Renmire is the only surface stronghold, the other cities and strongholds are located underground. Few people outside of the Alaster continent has visited the Alaster dwarves, those that have report there is at least four underground cities, these are connected via elaborately carved out lava tubes. The Alaster Dwarves use limited materials in their society; flint, stocks from mushrooms and stone. Their clothing is made from the skin of hairless Roth-like creature. What they lack in materials, they make up for in magic, the flint used in their weapons is as hard as steel and twice as sharp, the leather armor holds up like chainmail and stone walls can hold back tons of liquid lava and remain cool to the touch.

Notable NPCs

Places / Things of Interest

The Great Vale: A location in the western ocean that is covered in a dense fog, any and all attempts to explore or pass through the Vale have been met with disasterous or mystious results.

Polmuth's Canyon: Named after the discover, this is the known deepest place on Altris, this canyon is located in the lands called Rythyn in the south-west section of Guthen. The canyon runs 135 miles from end to end and is about 2 to 6 miles wide. The canyon has an average dept of 24,000 feet with the lowest point at 31,210 feet. The bottom of the canyon is always dry, water can be found though, in one of the millions of caves and the connected cavern systems. Even when it rains on the surface, the rain fall never makes it to the bottom of the canyon, it just seems to disappear into nothingness.