Vol 16 No 5
Keenu 15th, 3146

Mayor Ousted!

By: Hartone

Marbot. Gavin Milstop has again been removed as mayor of the River District as all charges of corruption and treason have been dismissed against Mayor Albree Cronware and the other elected officials of the district in light of the outcome of the Kilingfield trials head by tribunal of elves, dwarves and representatives of Marbot. Josep Killingfield was found not guilty of murder in the death of Elven Commander Lilloria Cohmoria during an orcish attack on the Northhold outpost earlier this month. Information from the trial reviled an elven member of a shadowy organization was behind the killing and framing of Josep Killingfield. Mayor Cornware returned to the city yesterday and issued arrest warrants for Gavin Milstop and his guard. Gavin Milstop apparently fled the city once the news of the trial was made public. Investigations are also being launched into members of the city council, especially those that appointed Milstop as mayor.

Winter Storm

By: Hartone

The City of Marbot - River District. Trade and movement in and around the city of Marbot have come to a near standstill as snow continues to fall adding to the 3 and a half feet that is already plaguing the city. 17 people and 12 horses have been reported killed by collapsed roofs caused by added weight of the wet snow. Residences are making normal and magical preparations to protect their homes and investments. On the lighter side, the added snow has made many a child happy; sleds, skating, snowball fights and magical snow effects are found on nearly every street, of course, making travel through these areas even more difficult without being pelted by snow or having to maneuver around some snowy structure. Divinations indicate more snow on the way and a long winter to come.

Winter Sports Begin

By Kion Dover

The City of Marbot. The snow and ice may be an annoyance to some, but to others, the ice and snow are the ingredients needed for winter sporting events. As for every year, the lands west of the city are magically altered specifically for the games; giant sloping hills, smooth lakes of ice, and winding icy tunnels are all set for brave and daring competitors to take the risk and win not only a Marbot Winter Medal, but a pot of 10,000 gold coins for first place, 5000 for second and 1000 for third place. This year’s events will include a downhill ski race, a downhill jump, a single and team sled race, ice skate race, and ice singles and couples ice dancing.

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