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A Fued Begins!

By: Hartone

The City of Marbot - Karn Flats. A feud has begun between the noble families of Drushryi and Bloxham. The feud started over alligations that Hormstein Drushryi led a group of mercenaries and slaughtered fourty-six horses owned by the Bloxham family. Duke Jukrakiel Drushryi the monarch of House Drushryi claimed in court that forty-six horses were put to death that carried a disease that was fast spreading through their herds. He claims the horses put down where his own and that the disease was carried onto his property by a stray horse with the Bloxham brand. The court erupted in shouts and profanities exchanged between the two families forcing both families to be removed from the procession. The city council ordered an investigation into the allegations and insured both parties that the truth will be found and the guilty parties will be properly prosecuted.
Later in the evening however, someone with the Drushryi family crest killed 13 year old Ibrahim Bloxham just outside the Bloxham estate. The following morning lead to the city militia responding to a battle between the two family’s guards, 22 were killed, including 6 militia members. Both families have been confined to their estates until the investigations have been completed.

Trade Post Triving!

By: Hartone

Northwest Wilds. The trade post established by Tordi Ysmith last year appears to be prospering. Trade goods are moving rapidly through the outpost to and from dwarven and elves cities. New exotic goods and wares are being seen available in the Marbot markets and barges are arriving almost daily by river. Trade with the eastern states however is still suffering. The eastern states still hold claims that Marbot was and still is involved in sabotaging and disrupting their trade routes. A rumor floating through the city accuses the Unuche Empire for the disruption, though diplomats of the Unuche dismiss the rumors stating the empire would have nothing to gain from disrupting trade in the south or the wilds.

Norm's Worlds



Primary game world, made of several large contenents and oceans. Technology levels range from stone age to advanced magical societies Read More


Most of this world is a large marsh and swamp, with a small island hot sand sweaped island in the middle of a large sea. There are large freshwater seas and one small saltwater sea. World is primaraly inhabited by an advanced lizardman race. Read More


A very hot nearly uninhabital world on the surface. There is little vegitation except near the poles and surface water is nearly non-existant. Beneith the surface however is a thriving ecosystem. There are no indiginious humanoid races here, though there are several monsterous and unique races that are. Read More


Dimly lit and very cold. Most of the surface is covered in glacial ice, a thick atomphere restricts the suns light and warmth from reaching the surface. A race of blue dwarves are the only indiginious humanoids. Creatures hearty to the cold roam the surface as well as vistors from the elemental planes of Ice, Earth and Minerals. Read More


Far from the star Salmire is a small moon whose surface is completely covered in a deep ocean. The planet is warmed by the constant volcanic activity that keeps the water temps world wide at near 80 degrees. The tropical marine life has adpated to the low light levels by generating their own making the light from the oceans brighter than that from the sun. The humanoid inhabitants live on floating cities and a group of aquatic elves live in stable regions under the seas. Read More