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Current Date: Dal 7th, 3148

Marbot Express Headline News


Olovan 21st
Trade Post Triving!
Northwest Wilds - The trade post established by Tordi Ysmith last year appears to be prospering. Trade goods are moving rapidly through the outpost to and from dwarven and elves cities. New exotic goods and wares are being seen available in the Marbot markets and barges are arriving almost daily by river. Trade with the eastern states however is still suffering. The eastern states still hold claims that Marbot was and still is involved in sabotaging and disrupting their trade routes. A rumor floating through the city accuses the Unuche Empire for the disruption, though diplomats of the Unuche dismiss the rumors stating the empire would have nothing to gain from disrupting trade in the south or the wilds.

Olovan 21st
Noble Feud
Marbot - Karn Flats - A feud has begun between the noble families of Drushryi and Bloxham. The feud started over alligations that Hormstein Drushryi led a group of mercenaries and slaughtered fourty-six horses owned by the Bloxham family. Duke Jukrakiel Drushryi the monarch of House Drushryi claimed in court that forty-six horses were put to death that carried a disease that was fast spreading through their herds. He claims the horses put down where his own and that the disease was carried onto his property by a stray horse with the Bloxham brand. The court erupted in shouts and profanities exchanged between the two families forcing both families to be removed from the procession. The city council ordered an investigation into the allegations and insured both parties that the truth will be found and the guilty parties will be properly prosecuted. Later in the evening however, someone with the Drushryi family crest killed 13 year old Ibrahim Bloxham just outside the Bloxham estate. The following morning lead to the city militia responding to a battle between the two family’s guards, 22 were killed, including 6 militia members. Both families have been confined to their estates until the investigations have been completed.

Nost 1st
Starvation in Point Just!
Point Just - Severe pirate activity has been reported in the Calmire Straights. So severe is the pirate activities that, residence of Point Just are nearly starving to death. The reports came to the city council via a magical missive sent by the cities wizard’s guild. The city council is set to discuss today what actions are to be taken by Marbot, if any. The city’s economy was nearly crushed by the infestation of weevils in all their cotton shipments, Point Just city officials blamed Marbot for sabotaging their crops to push them out of the market and to sell a lower quality cotton at a higher price. The move, if true however didn’t work, as Marbot’s cotton sales actually plummeted after the allegations. Many in the city state of Point Just are placing the blame for the pirate attacks on Marbot as well, claiming this is retaliation for the latter allegations and are calling for the other city states and kingdoms to boycott all trade goods from Marbot. When interviewed, the council appears to be split on whether to lend assistance or not.

Ranci 19th
Fire on the Docks!
Marbot - Dock District - Magical flames ripped through the Dock District in the late evening destroying nearly 100 structures including, 10 warehouses and 8 merchant ships before it was finally brought under control. Guard wizards hopelessly attempted to dispel the magical flames using their city guard provided wands and even their own spells, however the magical spells and wands they possessed were insufficient to dispel of even affect the wild fire. The Docks District guard captain Janstina Hollysword believes all their efforts failed to contain the magical flames and the spell’s duration ended after an hour, after which the guard concentrated their efforts to prevent the fires from spreading to any other buildings in the district. She believes the warehouses were targeted, as they were nearly full of trade goods getting ready to load on ships come string. The devastation has left nearly 800 residents displaced. Leomund’s secure shelters are being casts daily in the district to house them.

Ranci 10th
Barrier Mountains - An avalanche plowed through an elven village at the base of the Barrier Mountains. Sources say the slide began late in the evening just past midnight and affected nearly 30 miles of the mountain side. The Elven Empire has dispatched rescue parties to the area to search for survivors and tend to the wounded.

Keenu 15th
Mayor Ousted!
Marbot - Gavin Milstop has again been removed as mayor of the River District as all charges of corruption and treason have been dismissed against Mayor Albree Cronware and the other elected officials of the district in light of the outcome of the Kilingfield trials head by tribunal of elves, dwarves and representatives of Marbot. Josep Killingfield was found not guilty of murder in the death of Elven Commander Lilloria Cohmoria during an orcish attack on the Northhold outpost earlier this month. Information from the trial reviled an elven member of a shadowy organization was behind the killing and framing of Josep Killingfield. Mayor Cornware returned to the city yesterday and issued arrest warrants for Gavin Milstop and his guard. Gavin Milstop apparently fled the city once the news of the trial was made public. Investigations are also being launched into members of the city council, especially those that appointed Milstop as mayor.

Dal 12th
Northhold - In case of Commander Lilloria Cohmoria, evidence has come to light stating the arrow that fell the elven commander was not shot from an orcish bow, but from a human solider that was part of a relief force sent by the City of Marbot. The person in question LT Josep Killingfield was relieved earlier this year of his duties as a guard lieutenant for failure to control the unrest in his district and protect the citizens. Elven scouts have been dispatched to hunt him down and bring him to justice. The remaining members of the guard have be rounded up, caged and are now in route back to the city.

Weather Forcast

67º F/49º F
Precip: -20%
Wind NW 10 mph

76º F/44º F
Precip: 90%
Wind N 5 mph

79º F/52º F
Precip: 130%
Wind NW 10 mph

74º F/69º F
Precip: 100%
Wind NNW 5 mph
63 Days until First day of Spring.



  • Complete Establish a trading post in the northwestern wilds that will open trade between Marbot and the bordering nations, doing so without infringing on the official boarders of those nations.
  • Locate, obtain and transport raw or refined materials to the city of Marbot and trade excess materials to neighboring nations or settlements.
  • Complete Ensure the trading post is self-sufficient, capable of feeding and defending itself, as well as, planning for future population growth. Do this by removing any and all treats to the safety of the trading post and it's citizens.
  • New Investigate Marbot trade disruption and Gavin Milstop's involvement
  • New Restore ancient lizardmen cities to lizardman control.


Olovan 5th, 3147


Threat Report

  • None Detected

Troops Report

  • Pikemen armor upgraded to Half-plate (AC now 17)
  • 25 Pikemen increased to level 6
  • 10 Swordsmen increased to level 7
Visit the Guard Roster Page

Mine Reports:

Mine open, mine trade under Marbot control
Mine open, mine trade under Marbot control. Second mine opened. Miner's Guild members Arrive
Mine open, mine trade under Marbot control

Fortifications Report:

  • Constuction started on Outpost Keep 20% complete
  • Constuction of crypts to the northwest of the trade fort 10% complete
  • Construction of a shirne to Thisu 20% compelte

Crafting Reports:

Weapon/Armor Smith
Making spare weapons and armor
Open for Business
Tailor/ furrier
Shop opened. Clothing offered in leather, wool, cotton and silk.
Shop opened. offering all manner of non-magical jewelery and some magical

Food Report:

  • Surplus for 12 months.

Relations Report:

  • Blue Elf village quest request: Have a wizard travel to their village and demonstrate their greatest spell (wisdom checks for players.)
  • Lizardmen King requesting the recapturing of two former lizardmen cities in the Lizard Marsh.

Other Events:

  • Library and Shrine to Palmir built in Brecla


  • Tavern (Trade Fort)
  • Tavern (River Docks)
  • Inn (Trade Fort)
  • Inn (Brecla)
  • Library (Brecla)
  • Inn & Tavern (Woleburg)
  • Blacksmith (Woleburg)
  • Sculptures (Woleburg)
  • General Store (Woleburg)